Rolls Royce Dawn

If you’re anything like me the highlight of your driving life would be breaking 100 on the motor in you 1 litre equivalent of my second hand Skoda Citigo. It’s a depressing state of affairs especially when there are cars like the Rolls Royce Dawn on the horizon. The Dawn is a new 4 seater convertible from Rolls Royce and if you hadn’t already guessed, it looks absolutely superb. Rolls Royce have made a point of setting the Dawn apart from the other cars on offer from Rolls Royce when it comes to the exterior, mainly by bringing the deck down as low as possible.

The pictures we have seen from the interior of the car look absolutely stunning, it does however look very similar to the interior of the Wraith, which isn’t a bad thing of course. One thing that Rolls Royce are very keen to talk about is how refined the Dawn is, apparently the engineering team behind the car have worked non-stop to make sure that road noise is kept to an absolute minimum to the point where they think they have the quietest cloth roof car in the world on their hands. The Dawn will cost around £250,000 we imagine which isn’t exactly cheap, though you’re not going to get a Rolls for cheap, unless you get a second hand Rolls Royce Silver Spirit from the 80s.

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