New Volvo S90

Volvo are bringing a new executive saloon to the table that will rival the likes of the BMW 5 series, the Mercedes E-Class and Jaguar XF. It has been spotted recently with its camo on, the camo is pretty excessive so it is near impossible to really get a grasp on how the final product will look. It will replace the S80 though apparently that isn’t an indicator of what the S90 is going to be, as they want it to be a new car entirely. The S90 name did a brief stint in the late 90s, yet you would be hard pushed to get a second hand Volvo S90 in England as they were never really consumed by the British market. The closest car we had around that time was the Volvo S70, since then they have introduced saloons such as the S80 and the S60.

You can expect the S90 to draw inspiration from the current Volvo Xc90, and that is by no means a bad thing, the XC90 is one of the best vehicles that Volvo has ever brought out with their safety equipment and technology setting a precedent. The S90 will also be using the SPA platform that the XC90 uses so similarities wont just be limited to aesthetics and again, that is a good thing. When it comes to the S90s likely rivals, we imagine the Volvo S90 will immediately have the one up when it comes to emissions, which could be enough to sway a few people away from the likes of Audi and the 5 Series, with the Jaguar XF the only car that will challenge in that department.

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